About me


I am Nuraliya Daniel. Blogger based in Shah Alam, Malaysia.

Founder of NAC Cosmetics.This blog is a little place where I will share things that I loved the most and enjoy doing which is Beauty and Makeup. How do I started this brand? I had a really bad breakout when I was in my early 20s. I could not believe that my hormonal acne came through at this age. I was devastated to go out, living my life. I nearly lose hope. All the doctor I went advice the same things of not having makeup at all and not to eat chocolate (the things that keeps me going!).

On 2014, My family brought me to Korea for holiday. My skin conditions became worst there. I had winter rashes and cystic acne altogether. But one thing for sure, I got a lot of friendly Korean friends there. They had been advising me on all the good product that can help me recover my skin problems. That was when my skin starting to heal. As I recover, I learnt one most expensive lesson, you must keep on trying to fix and not to give up.

I promised myself to help other people who had been in the same journey as me. U may see that having acne is not a big problem, but for some people it really does matter. I am here to inspire and share you my journey.

Come and join me in my little journey on discovering the road of flawless looking skin. Do not hesitate to contact me at any time if you needed help or hope. Do not despair girls cause I am here, love you and welcome.